About us

With years of experience in wood flooring services and a lot of knowledge gained and craftsmanship developed throughout the way, we are proud to say that we are high-quality providers of services that are designed to bring back real wood floors to their initial days of glory and beauty. Although we haven’t started as a family-run business, we definitely feel like a big family today. We value the human factor in the industry we operate it, this is why we appreciate each client and approach each project with an inspiring dedication of entirely meeting everyone’s needs, requirements, and desires. Some will call it a tailored approach, we like to call it an individual and personal approach to each project. We understand that wood flooring services may sound like a lot of stress, a time- and money-consuming thing to undertake. This is why we strive to offer a service that not only achieves outstanding results but also feels completely stress-free. In order to do that, we rely on our talented and experienced professionals.

All members of our team form a big family. We are like-minded people gathered by the idea of transforming real wood floors and achieving results that will make clients happy for many decades to come. We invest a lot in the development and improvement of our staff, constantly encouraging them to keep up with new trends and advanced methods in our field. We make sure that each member of the wood floor sanding, repair, and maintenance team is trained in the most advanced and efficient techniques. To complement their craftsmanship and attention to details, we provide our team with state-of-art machinery and equipment to help them achieve the best outcomes possible for every project we undertake.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our team along with the appreciation and amazing feedback we get from our clients, we have now managed to become a leading wood floor sanding, repair, and maintenance service provider in London and surrounding areas. With a big portfolio of different scale projects we have undertaken throughout the years, a plethora of services we have provided to real wood floors, and such a large database of commercial and domestic clients, our company expanded and improved so much in the last few decades. Nowadays, we are glad to share our passion for real wood floors and confidence in what we do, this is why we welcome every new client with the promise of meeting their expectations and even go beyond them.

We believe that running a wood floor sanding, repair, and maintenance company is not simply a business, it is a way to show your clients your gratitude for them putting trust in you for handling their favourite flooring. We do more than treating wooden floors the right way so they look and feel like brand new, we do our best efforts to create cosiness and a welcoming atmosphere by interpreting the beautiful and artful language of the warmth of hardwood floors in your home and commercial space. We would like to do that for you too, so don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have a wood floor sanding, repair, renovation, polishing, buffing, staining, refinishing, and cleaning project in mind.