Wood Floor Polishing

Wood Floor Polishing

It is not surprising that generally wood floor polishing is assumed to be the same thing as refinishing the floor. However, wood floor polishing means something different and here we will explain the main differences between wood floor polishing and sealing/refinishing, also what wood floor polishing actually is and how it can be beneficial for your wooden floor. In a nutshell, wood floor polishing differs from refinishing mainly considering the fact that refinishing involves the removing of the existing layer of finish on the floor and the application of new layers of finish. On another hand, wood floor polishing is considered to achieve the same or every similar effect of sealing the floor, however, it is significantly less complex, time-consuming, expensive, and stressful process.

The whole concept of wood floor polishing is pretty simple and it revolves around the idea of strengthening the existing finish of the floor by adding new layers of the same product. By doing so, wood floor polishing not only improves the appearance of the floor, especially if the existing finish is worn and slightly scratched, but also improves the protection of the floor, adding durability and hard-wearing power to all areas of the floor that experience high traffic and adding strength to all patches of worn finish.

What Exactly Is Wood Floor Polishing?

Wood floor polishing is an alternative to refinishing the wooden floors. Wood floor polishing usually achieves the same effect of refinishing, in case the floor is in a pretty good condition, without the intensiveness of the letter service. Wood floor polishing is designed for floors that need a bit of refreshment and renewal of the finish and it improves the look of the floor, makes it appear as brand-new. Wood floor polishing consists of re-application of the existing finish on top of the floor, sometimes without removing the top of the finish if it is in generally good condition. In other cases, wood floor polishing will be preceded by screening or buffing the floor, which involves removing only the top layer of the finish that is usually affected by wear and scratches. Wood floor polishing is achieved with the help of a stand-on machine with a pad attached to it. The pad is covered with a wood floor polishing product and the application is fast and easy, achieving an even coverage and a uniform surface.

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Wood Floor Polishing – How?

Before the beginning of a wood floor polishing service, all obstacles for the service should be removed from the surface of the floor, including carpets and rugs, furniture pieces and other objects in the room. Next, before wood floor polishing the floor, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned. Use the hardwood flooring attachment of the hoover for removing all the dust and dirt particles. Next, wipe off the floor’s surface with a slightly damp mop for even more detailed cleaning. The floor should be absolutely clean and dry to proceed with wood floor polishing. As already explained, the wood floor polishing product is applied with the help of a pad, which can be attached to a buffing machine or used by hand. When wood floor polishing, the process should be done in small sections, step-by-step. The applicator pad should always be kept soaked in wood polishing product and not left to get dry. If the pad is worn or a wood floor polishing product is caked on it, make sure a new one is used to replace the old. When wood floor polishing, the direction of application should always be with the grain of the floorboards for an even application and good coverage. Wood floor polishing with the grain ensures the product will soak effectively in the wood’s structure and ensure the protection the floorboards need. Make sure that if there are scratches and dents on the surface of the floor, the wood floor polishing product is applied in a way to fill them in. This will prevent the scratches from growing into more major issues and minimise the risk.

Wood Floor Polishing – What Next?

You should allow enough time for the wood floor polishing product to dry completely, otherwise there is a high risk of ruining what just has been done for the floor. Usually, a classic wood floor polishing product should be dry overnight and you can use the room. Avoid dragging heavy furniture and other objects on the surface of the treated floor in the next couple of days. You are recommended to ensure all furniture pieces are padded with felt pads in general, not just after wood floor polishing, this will prevent possible scratches and dents. Different wood floor polishing products may come with different drying times required, some of them are designed to be more fast-drying. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the wood floor polishing product and afterwards, if the wood floor polishing project is completed by a professional company.

Wood Floor Polishing – How Often?

You may be wondering how often your floor may be in need of a wood floor polishing service. Well, the truth is that it highly depends on the specific lifestyle of your household and your habits. For example, households with pets, your children, and floors that are very busy and experience a lot of high traffic may require wood floor polishing more often than other domestic settings. Of course, commercial floors will require wood floor polishing more often than domestic ones. The good news is that wood floor polishing is pretty easy to DIY and you can spend a weekend out of a few months doing it on your own. However, in general you are recommended to leave wood floor polishing to experienced and reliable professionals in order to make sure the final outcome will be perfect.

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Did you know…

Wood floor polishing often uses a technique used by painting artists popular as the “feathering” technique. The technique consists of dampening the canvas and then applying the colour pigments and paints with a single stroke of the brush. The colour is then absorbed easily by the damp canvas and it spreads further thanks to the moisture. Similar to the “feathering” technique, wood floor polishing experts allow the product to spread evenly and the texture of the floor to be filled in.