Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning is part of the everyday care of wood floors. It ensures the real wood floor, be it solid wood, engineered wood, or parquet, will not only be more hygienic and look more attractive for a longer time, but wood floor cleaning also guarantees the floor will last longer, be more durable, hard-wearing, in better condition. It may sound surprising, but wood floor cleaning can improve the condition of the floor, help you avoid intensive sanding, refinishing, and renovation services for longer, and overall minimize the risk of major issues. While wood floor cleaning does not ensure that all imperfections are removed from the surface of the floor, it definitely prevents the occurrence of new imperfections and prevents the existing ones from growing bigger and more serious. In a nutshell, wood floor cleaning is important for the well-being of every wooden floor. There is a professional wood floor cleaning service available for a more in-depth and thorough approach of your everyday cleaning routine. In case you are interested in learning more about professional wood floor cleaning, make sure to stay tuned.

What is Wood Floor Cleaning?

Wood floor cleaning is a broad term that consists of all the little treatments and procedures used for keeping a real wood floor clean, hygienic, free of dust and dirt. Wood floor cleaning includes vacuuming the floor which may involve the usage of a domestic vacuum machine or a more powerful, industrial one used by wood floor cleaning professionals. Wood floor cleaning also includes wiping off the floor with a mop. Wood floor cleaning involves all methods designed for removing dirt build-ups from the surface of the floor, every day or building dust, dirt, and soil. In addition, wood floor cleaning is designed for removing all allergens, bacteria, and germs and prevent them from hiding in all the gaps and creaks of the floor.

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Wood Floor Cleaning – When?

How regular you will be with a wood floor cleaning routine depends on many factors, mainly how the floor is used, how busy it is and how much of a high traffic it gets, the simple habits of your household. For example, households with pets, young children, or families wearing the shoes on in the house require a more regular wood floor cleaning routine. Furthermore, wood floor cleaning for commercial floors is required on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day because of the high traffic. In general, neither neglecting the floor nor over-cleaning it is recommended. In case you cannot wrap your head around how often your wooden floor needs to be cleaned, make sure to contact the wood floor cleaning professionals, answer their questions, and they will be glad to recommend a wood floor cleaning routine suitable to your lifestyle.

In a nutshell, a usual wood floor cleaning routine for a domestic floor usually required vacuuming the floor twice a week and wiping it off with a mop on a weekly basis. Furthermore, a more in-depth, professional wood floor cleaning routine is recommended every few months and on a monthly basis for commercial floors. Some specific situations such as a running building and home improvement projects may require practising your wood floor cleaning routine more often. After-builders wood floor cleaning is also a popular service that helps you get rid of all the industrial dust, dirt, and mess without any stress. In-depth wood floor cleaning during and after a wood floor sanding and refinishing service is also highly recommended.

Why In-depth Wood Floor Cleaning Is Important?

The obvious reason for the importance of a wood floor cleaning service is to keep your entire home clean, free of germs, allergens, bacteria, etc. Wood is a naturally hygienic product that is pretty easy to maintain and care for, all you need is a regular and proper wood floor cleaning routine, which does not mean it is complex, time-consuming, expensive. Occasional professional and in-depth wood floor cleaning is also important because your everyday wood floor cleaning routine just cannot take care of all the dirt hiding in unexpected places in your floor. Furthermore, in-depth wood floor cleaning is important for keeping the condition and appearance of the floor intact. Dust and dirt can work as an abrasive product and wear off the finish of the floor quickly, sometimes even affecting the bare wood underneath and causing scratches and marks. It is important to keep the surface of the floor dust- and dirt-free. Stains should be taken care of as soon as possible too, otherwise they may become permanent and even impossible to remove with sanding.

What a Wood Floor Cleaning Routine Should Consists Of?

Your wood floor cleaning routine should always involve vacuuming the floor. However, keep in mind you always have to use the attachment that is designed for hardwood floors or a soft-bristled broom for removing the dust, otherwise you may leave micro scratches on the finish. Invest in a lightweight vacuum machine that is more mobile and won’t leave marks and dents on the floor too. Furthermore, wood floor cleaning also involves using a mop. Just remember, the mop should never be wet and avoid using excessive moisture when cleaning the floor in general. Just a damp mop is more than enough for wood floor cleaning on a daily basis. When it comes to professional wood floor cleaning, specialists will also use cleaning products. Wood floor cleaning products should always have a neutral pH that is gentle enough to the finish.

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Did you know…

Real wood floors redesigned to last up to a whole century and still look amazing and be in perfect condition. In order to ensure the longevity if your wooden floor, all you need is good maintenance and a regular and proper wood floor cleaning routine. In addition, the wood floor cleaning approach to each floor may differ depending on the finish. Different finishes often require different wood floor cleaning methods. Therefore, you are always recommended to follow the finish manufacturer’s instructions for wood floor cleaning or even better – speak to your local wood floor cleaning company and ask them for maintenance tips and recommendations.