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With over a decade of hard work in everyday wood floor sanding and restoration services, we can confidently claim our prime position as a leading London flooring company. Thousands of households and companies have trusted us to renovate their floors over the years, and many enterprises have placed high expectations on us in terms of longevity and quality.

Experienced and well-recognised floor sanding experts in London

We provide wood floor sanding, repair, and remodeling services in London and the surrounding areas. With our help you are receiving more than simply the best industry solutions for genuine wood floors. You will receive and enjoy a perfect and balanced blend of the highest standard of professionalism, knowledge, and expertise in the field, great experience with a diverse portfolio of projects in the branch, outstanding customer service, commitment to success, effective work with minimum disturbance guaranteed fair prices plus additional offers and deals, and much more.

Skilled and Knowledgeable Professionals

Sanding floors is a difficult task that demands practice. Every time we witness a worn-out 100-year-old parquet transformed into an exquisite, fresh feature, we are filled with anticipation. The happiness written all over our clients' faces after a good project is our best reward as craftsmen who take great pride in their work.

Every member of our knowledgeable and skilled staff has received training in the most cutting-edge techniques and methods for treating real wood floors. This essentially implies that no project is too big, too little, or too difficult for us. We have the abilities and understanding to deal with a wide range of scenarios, including the most unusual ones.

Expert Evaluation of Hardwood Floor’s Condition

Whether your hardwood floor is constructed of solid wood, engineered wood, or parquet, we know exactly which treatment is ideal for it. We can restore any floor to its former level of perfection, no matter how old, damaged, scraped, stained, or dull it is. After we complete our expert wood floor sanding and repair service, you will be able to enjoy your favourite hardwood floor for many more decades while it remains in excellent condition.

When it comes to parquet sanding, it's not only about technique; it's also about the art of dealing with real wood and its inherent beauty. It's not a simple task, because the wood has its personality and is frequently placed in beautiful but complicated compositions. Because we employ a vast variety of lacquers and hard wax oils, we can assist you in selecting the protective layer finish, whether you choose a specific colour or a particular style. It's just as crucial to seal the surface with high-quality materials as it is to deliver a flawless sanding service. We are searching for endurance and long-lasting power, thus we utilise proven and non-toxic Bona, Osmo, and Junckers solutions.

We pay close attention to a few elements. It's possible that your wood flooring is too damaged (there are so many buildings in London with rich history). In that situation, we're ready to replace any thin or damaged elements and provide a solid foundation.

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When it comes to dust in the work process, sanding may be a hassle. There is no reason to be worried because our team of professionals takes care of every detail.

Even if at first glance your floor appears to be beyond repair, the result is spectacular! All of our clients can confirm the satisfaction of receiving excellent service at a reasonable price. These are some of the reasons why our company has a reputation for being extremely reliable, trustworthy, and preferred in the region of London, as well as highly recommended by all of our previous customers.

Please contact our pleasant and knowledgeable customer service staff, who will gladly answer any of your concerns and schedule a free and non-binding examination of your floor's condition. Call today on 020 88309782 or leave us a message via our contact form to have a wooden floor that will be the center of attention in your home tomorrow!