Terms & Conditions


• “The Company”, “We”, “Us” are definitions regarding Sanding.uk and Sanding.uk’s website

• “Floor Fitter”, “Floorman”, “Operator”, “Contractor”, “Floor Sander”, “Floor Service Provider” are definitions regarding to the person or all members of a group carrying out wood floor sanding, repair, renovation, refinishing, staining, and maintenance services provided by the company.

• “Client” is a definition regarding the person or people, company/ies or corporate bodies that are delivered with a service provided by Sanding.uk

• “Client’s Address” is a definition regarding any given address, which the service has been booked for

• “Service” is a definition regarding all wood flooring services provided by Sanding.uk


• These Terms and Conditions have the authority and validity of a contract between the company and the client. The client automatically agrees to these Terms and Conditions and their limits, responsibilities, and regulations by using the website and by booking a service with the company. The client is responsible for introducing and informing themselves for these Terms and Conditions of the company.

• Both parties, the company and the client, are responsible for ensuring their respective responsibilities are undertaken within this agreement and in compliance with all statutory regulations and codes of conduct.

• These Terms and Conditions predominate any other Terms of Business and Purchase Conditions the client may put forward unless it is otherwise agreed in a written form by the director of the company.

• No other alteration or variation of these Terms and Conditions is valid unless otherwise agreed by the director of the company in a written form.


• Whenever the company is calculating quotations for clients over the phone or other type of instant communication, the company is using the national average room sizes and metric measurements.

• All wood floor sanding restoration services are charged by square meter, but the company will also take into account the current condition of the floor and the subfloor prior to the delivery of the service. The client should be aware of the fact that some wood flooring materials and treatment methods may require more time and resources compared to the standard wood floor restoration. Therefore, the company reserves the right to at a tailored (usually higher) price such projects and the price of such service will be higher than the standard rates and charges announced on the company’s website and other advertising materials of the company.

• The company has the right to change the initial quotation in case the initial requirements and demands of the client change too.

• The client must be aware of the fact that the allowed difference in measurements between the size quoted on the website and the actual size is at 5%. Such differences will be discussed with the client by the company prior to the start of the service. In such a case, the company will provide the client with a newly written quotation that reflects and covers the differences.

• Unless otherwise agreed with the client, all quotations will be provided in a written form after the inspection of the floor’s condition provided by the company.

• The company has the right of amending quotations that are not booked within 60 days of provision.

• All written quotations the company provides include a reference to the complete Terms and Conditions.


• All prices, rates, and charges regarding the company’s services announced on the company’s website and other advertising materials are inclusive of VAT, unless it is otherwise specified.


• The company is responsible for providing equipment, materials, products, and other supplies required for carrying out a wood floor restoration, repair, sanding, staining, refinishing, polishing, buffing, cleaning, and maintenance service. If otherwise agreed with the client prior to the start of the service, exceptions are allowed to occur.

• The client is responsible for providing running water and electricity at all premises where a service will be delivered by the company.

Payments, Surcharges, Late Payments

• Unless otherwise agreed by the company in a written form, the requirements are for immediate payment on the completion of all works and services. The company accepts payments in cash, cheque, bank transfer, debit card, credit card. In case the client chooses to pay with a cheque, the cheque must be made payable to Sanding.uk.

• Please, keep in mind that tipping is definitely not mandatory neither required by the company, however, it is always greatly appreciated.

• The company has the right to charge an interest rate of 8% per annum above the Bank of England base rate on invoiced amounts that have not been paid within 30 days. The interest rate will be charged starting from the due date until the date of actual payment under the Late Payment Act.

• The company has the right to register any non-received payments for collection by CCJ. This condition applies for businesses (within a maximum of 30 days) and residential clients (within a maximum of 14 days).

• The client must be aware of all additional charges occurring due to registration for collection with CCJ that normally include relevant current court fees, 150 British pounds of legal admin fee, an interest claim at a rate of 6.3%

• The company has the right of cancelling any contract with individuals and businesses and back charge for completed services to adjust the balance in compliance with the initial rates in cases when the company is provided with false or misleading information provided by the client that results in discounts and promotions.

• Unless it is not agreed in a written form by the company, the company’s rates and prices should stay as agreed on the written quotation provided by the company to the client and the client is not allowed to make any further reductions or retentions.

• Upon booking and paying for a service the client will be required to also make a payment for all materials and products included to the service. The company reserves the right to release stock only cleared funds. Current discounts and offers will be applied to the final invoice by the company. Since flooring materials and products are a subject of stock availability, the client is recommended to pre-book flooring materials and products required for the service.


• The Client is allowed to cancel any scheduled service with the Company. However, a prior notice of at least one day before the scheduled day of service delivery is required.

• In case the Client provides notice for cancellation of a scheduled service with the Company on the same scheduled day of providing the service, the Company has the right of applying an amendment fee of 140 British Pounds.

• It is not concluded as a fault of the Company in case the Company’s contractors arrive at the Client’s address as given by the Client and they are unable to access it. The Client is responsible for providing keys that ensure access of the place and that these keys can open all locks at the place with no efforts or additional skills.

• The Client is free to make changes of the scheduled for service day and time. The Company guarantees to make its best in order to comply with the Client’s request for a change in day or time, however, if the change is made on the same day of the scheduled service, the Company has the right to add an additional charge.

• The Company has the right to charge the full rate of a service in case the Client cancels an already ongoing service without the approvement of the Company.


• The Company does not accept refund claims for already carried on services unless the claim is considered as an approved one.

• In case the Company or the Company’s contractor is not able to carry out the scheduled service due to reasons beyond the Client’s responsibility, full refunds will be issued.

• The Client must fill in a complaint in order to have their requests for refunds considered by the Company.


• Unless not expressed in a written note in the form of a complaint, the Company assumes that the client’s expectations are met by all flooring services delivered to them.

• All complaints should be issued by the client in a written form, no later than forty-eight hours after a service is completed by the company, received by the Company via post or e-mail message.

• The Company has the responsibility to investigate every complaint thoroughly. It is the Company’s responsibility to try resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the client.

• The Client should not look for alternative methods for resolving the issue/s other than allowing the Company to return and redo the issue/s. The Client should not look for alternative ways to resolving the issue/s prior to issuing a complaint and requesting proceedings from the Company towards compensations and refunds.

Claims and Loses

• The Company has the right to request access to the location of the claim within twenty-four hours in order to redo and resolve the issue/s.

• All members and contractors of the Company do their best in order to prevent accidents, disturbing, disruption, breaking of items. However, the Client must be aware that such accidents can sometimes happen. In this case, the Company will do its best in order to ensure an identical replacement of the broken or disrupted items, but such is not guaranteed. Therefore, the Company highly encourages Clients to store away valuable and irreplaceable items.

• In case of damage at the Client’s property, the Company has the responsibility to repair at the Company’s own cost the damage, if repair is possible. In case of repair is not possible, the Company will credit the Client with the current cash value of the item upon payment of the services rendered.


• The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage, compensation, loss or delay that may occur in connection with:

- Failure of carrying out a flooring service due to factors that are beyond the Company’s control and responsibilities, including weather conditions, floods, inability to enter/gain access to a location, lack of appropriate resources such as water, electricity, lighting, etc.

- Late arrival due to transport-related and other issues beyond the Company’s control.

- Existing issues at the Client’s property such as stains, burns, spillages, etc. that cannot be partially or entirely removed by the Company’s contractors by using the standardized industry methods and equipment.

• The Company cannot be held responsible for any results and issues in case the Client, a third party, or a pet walks on recently sealed wood flooring by the Company.

• The Company cannot be held responsible and liable for damages that cost fifty British Pounds or less.

• The Company cannot be held responsible for accidental damage of water and gas pipes that are not installed in accordance with the standardized industry requirements and the national regulations for piping. In case a damage of a water or gas pipe happens, the Company will make sure to inform the Client on time. Any issues arising will be a responsibility of the Client and a written confirmation before carrying on with the service will be required.

• The Company cannot be held responsible or liable for any non-satisfactory outcomes of any wood floor restoration and refinishing service, in case the floor is a subject to great wear and tear, or excessive damage beyond repair.

• The Company cannot be held responsible for odours arising during and after the delivery of the service that arises as a result from poor ventilation, or the lack of appropriate heating.

• The Company cannot be held responsible and liable for any damages and issues arising with a recently refinished wooden floor due to the relocation of furniture pieces back in the room in less than twelve hours of the application of last coat of a finishing/staining product.

• The Company can record all incoming and outgoing phone conversations with the Client in order to ensure quality control. All records are stored and a subject of back-referral in case of any inquiries and investigations.

Supplementary Terms

• In case the Client wants the Company to collect keys for access to the site of flooring service outside the postal address the Client has provided, the Client will be charged a fee of ten British Pounds. An additional fee of ten British Pounds will be charged by the Company if the Client wants the keys to be returned to the pickup address.

• The Company does its best to provide the Client with an estimate of how long the service will take. However, the Client must be aware that the estimates the Company provides are based on previous experience and the average time a similar project of similar size takes. Such an estimate is never a guarantee and the Client must allow some flexibility as providing a precise estimate is very difficult due to the individual specifics and possible obstacles related to every project.

• The Client must be aware that the quotation price includes only the services quotes and no services outside the quoted ones. A quotation price is not the same thing as a “package deal”.

• Unless otherwise stated, the quotation price does not include cleaning of the debris before and after the service.

• The members and contractors working for the Company are always happy to help and they will occasionally help with moving furniture and other heavy objects. However, the Client must acknowledge that due to Health and Safety regulations, the contractors of the Company are not responsible for moving furniture and other heavy objects and they have the right to decline to do so or help on their own decision.

• In case that a contractor of the Company is not able to attend a scheduled visit, it is the Company’s responsibility to arrange an immediate replacement. The Client will be informed about that before the visit.

• The Company strongly encourages the Client to store away all valuable, irreplaceable, expensive, breakable, and fragile items before the start of the service delivery.

• The Client or a third party representing the Client is responsible for supervising the property at all times during the delivery of service. The Company cannot be held responsible if the Client or their representative fails to do so.

• This contract is not intended for benefitting or conferring a third party outside this agreement.

• The Company reserves the right for changing these Terms and Conditions at any time the Company decides to do so and without a prior notice issued to the Client. Any changes do not apply to existing contracts, but only to new agreements.

Service Guarantee – Obligations and Limitations

• The Company’s Service Guarantee includes a free of charge on-site inspection and evaluation of the condition of flooring following a complaint after a service is already carried out and finished by the Company. The Client must acknowledge the fact that sometimes more than one visit is required, including inspections by manufacturers and suppliers for correctly identifying the nature of the fault or issue.

• The Company’s Service Guarantee covers Labour and Materials in the event of faults caused by inappropriate use of products and materials, preparation of the wood floor.

• Every wood floor renovation and sanding service provided by the Company comes with a three months guarantee.

• The Company reserves the right of applying limitations of the Service Guarantee in case of wood floor restoration and sanding services performed on floors that are originally not installed by the Company.

Service Guarantee – Limitations and Exemptions

• The Company does not provide a Service Guarantee for services that are not paid in full on completion as per final invoices.

• The Company’s Service Guarantee does not cover any damages and issues caused by a third party.

• The Company’s Service Guarantee does not cover works on floors at the end of their usability time. This includes engineered wood flooring with a reduced thickness of the top lamella layer.

• The Company’s Service Guarantee does not cover a gap-filling service performed on original pine floorboards and other floorboards without a tongue-and-groove installation system.

Company’s Insurance

Every work undertaken and performed by the Company and the Company’s contractors is covered by the Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance, Treatment Risk Insurance for private dwellings, offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc.


The Company’s Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and are a subject of the exclusive jurisdictions of the Courts of England and Wales.