Staircase Restoration

Staircase Restoration

We are already used to take proper and regular care of our wooden floors. However, we tend to neglect the way our wooden staircase looks and its condition. But without proper care and maintenance for the staircase, there is no point paying for floor repair and maintenance services, because still, your home will look unfinished and not as sleek as you want it to be. Staircase restoration may not be the most popular service in the industry, but still, it remains a very important one. Staircase restoration is a professional service designed to deal with minor and major issues affecting the appearance and condition of your wooden staircase. In fact, staircase restoration is designed to improve the appearance of your wooden staircase and ensure its durability, hard-wearing, and long-lasting power. Staircase restoration is especially important service, considering the amount of high traffic and heavy footfall the stair are experiencing on a daily basis as one of the busiest areas of your home. Here we can learn more about staircase restoration service and how it tackles down some of the most common staircase issues.

Why Choose Staircase Restoration?

Your wooden staircase is usually one of the areas of your home that experiences a high level of high traffic, everyday use, heavy footfall. However, stairs should be in perfect condition in order to be safe and convenient to use. Risks of slipping, noisy, or highly distressed, stairs should be taken care of and a staircase restoration service is the best thing you can do for improving the condition and appearance. Without a proper staircase restoration and regular maintenance, there is no point to take care of the rest of your interior and your wooden flooring because you won’t get the put-together and sleek look you are going for. So if your stairs have started showing signs of wear and tear or other imperfections and issues, it is about time to consider a staircase restoration service. Let’s have a further look at the major indications of a staircase restoration service.

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Staircase Restoration and Sanding

The best way to tackle down wear and tear of your stairs is sanding as a part of the staircase restoration and maintenance service. Sanding wooden stairs is a basic and essential service as much as it is for your wooden floor. As part of the staircase restoration process, sanding will remove the worn and distressed top layer of your wooden stairs and prepare the surface for finishing and staining, if you want to change up the look and make your stairs appear like brand-new. Sanding and refinishing, as part of the staircase restoration project, are very important not just for beautifying the stairs, but also for ensuring the best and lasting protection of wood, hard-wearing power, durability, safety and convenience, when the stairs are used.

Staircase Restoration and Creaking Noise

A common reason why people opt for a professional staircase restoration service is the squeaky and creaky noises when climbing the stairs up and down that is, indeed, very annoying. However, a squeaky staircase is something bound to happen over time, because this is a natural thing for wood to become dryer with time and start making these noises. Despite not being too harming, it is very irritating, therefore you may consider a staircase restoration service. A staircase restoration service is a simple solution to this issue. Sometimes the squeaky noise will be a reason of the dry wood stairs, other times it may be the result of a hole in the stair riser and tread, or there are also other factors causing such issue. However, a professional staircase restoration team expert will be able to detect the problem quickly, assess the condition of your staircase and recommend the right staircase restoration approach.

Staircase Restoration and Loosened Post

A loosened post is definitely an issue you want to find a solution to quickly, otherwise stairs are definitely not convenient and safe to use. Thankfully, a professional staircase restoration service can quickly deal with a loosened post. Always make sure to hire a professional staircase restoration team for such issues and avoid attempting to DIY your own staircase restoration project. Such common staircase issues are better left in the professional, reliable, and experienced hands of staircase restoration experts.

Staircase Restoration and Broken Risers and Treads

Broken risers or treads are one more common staircase issues that call for a professional staircase restoration service. Since safety becomes a matter of concern when there is a broken and damaged riser or tread, make sure to call the staircase restoration professionals and they will approach such a problem with the right staircase restoration method. More often it will be the riser that splits and gets broken because of the absence of support or indoor humidity and temperature fluctuations in the house. Wood, as a natural material, has a natural response to changes in its environment and temperature, moisture, and humidity fluctuations can affect wood’s condition a lot. This is a problem that a staircase restoration professional team knows exactly how to deal with and ensure further protection after the staircase restoration service is finished.

Staircase Restoration and Loosened Tread

One more common reason for the demand of a staircase restoration service is a loosened tread. A loosened tread is definitely an issue you want to hire a professional staircase restoration service for. Since it happens pretty often, loosened treads are quickly repaired by a staircase restoration professional and the squeaky noises and stair’s movement the loosened tread is causing will be gone in no time. All you need is a really knowledgeable and experienced staircase restoration expert. Such issue should be settled and not neglected, therefore always make sure to ask for a professional staircase restoration help if you are encountering it.

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Did you know…

The majority of the scratches on the surface of your wooden stairs are caused by your pets climbing the stairs up and down on a daily basis. However, this does not mean you have to lock the pets in a room. Thankfully, a staircase restoration service will take care of the scratches by removing them with a sanding machine. For such staircase restoration projects, the sanding machine used is smaller in size and more mobile. Often, a sanding edger is used during the staircase restoration process for reaching all the corners. The stairs may also be sanded by hand, if required by specific designs.