Parquet Floor Sanding

Parquet Floor Sanding

Parquet is considered to be one of the most beautiful, elegant, and unique types of real wood flooring and there is no wonder why. The complex beauty of the parquet patterns and the craftsmanship and attention to details it requires for the patterns to be installed really don’t leave any doubt but associating this flooring with luxury, elegance, character, style. Parquet’s history adds even more to the feeling that it is a very special type of flooring you would like to have in your home or office space.

First invented in France for the Versailles’ ballrooms and bedrooms of the royals, parquetry is the wooden floor of the wooden floors, where all started, the epitome of wood’s beauty in the interior. In fact, parquet floor sanding is also a question of craftsmanship and specific skills. While some may suggest a DIY parquet floor sanding project, remember that parquet floor sanding requires really a lot of dedication, experience, knowledge, expertise. Parquet floor sanding is nothing like your usual floor sanding treatment and this is not just a marketing slogan to trick you into hiring a professional parquet floor sanding service. Here you can learn more about parquet floor sanding and why it is so special.

What Is Parquet Floor Sanding?

In the core of its concept, parquet floor sanding is not much different than any other wood floor sanding process. In a nutshell, parquet floor sanding is designed to remove the top layer of the parquet flooring, which means that parquet floor sanding removes the old wood floor finish layer along with all imperfections, scratches, dents, marks, stains, and dirt build-ups on the surface. By this, the pores of the woodblocks’ structure are opened and allow for even and deep penetration of the finishing and staining products. Parquet floor sanding is designed to improve the appearance and condition of the floor. Just like with any other sort of sanding service, parquet floor sanding beautifies the floor by removing all imperfections that affect its appearance and elegance. In this context, parquet floor sanding is really important for highlighting and even boosting the beauty of the pattern. However, what s even more important, parquet floor sanding improves the condition of the wooden floor blocks. By getting rid of small imperfections and issues on the surface, parquet floor sanding significantly decreases the risk of major issues occurring and increases the floor’s durability, protection, stability. However, parquet floor sanding is not your usual sanding treatment.

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How Is Parquet Floor Sanding Any Different?

Parquet floor sanding requires a lot of craftsmanship, dedication, attention to details. Unlike treating and performing the service for solid wood or engineered wood floors, parquet floor sanding involves a lot of delicate jobs, sometimes done by hand. When it comes to traditional hardwood flooring, it is easy to determine the direction of the wood’s grain and sand with it. Every wooden floor should be sanded with the grain and never against it, otherwise there is a high risk of damaging the floorboards beyond repair. However, when it comes to parquet floor sanding, here the parquet floor sanding professionals are working with a pattern, which means the floorboards or floor blocks are usually installed in different directions to achieve the pattern. This pretty much means that parquet floor sanding is a lot more challenging because there is a high risk of sanding against the grain. Therefore, when you are in need of a parquet floor sanding service, always leave this job in the hands of reliable and experienced professionals and never put the project on risk of poor service performance or even worse – a DIY parquet floor sanding. To make things even more challenging, parquet floorboards often come is smaller sizes compared to the planks or boards of solid wood or engineered wood. This means that parquet floor sanding is a very delicate job and a lot of attention to details and often time should be invested.

Why Choose Professional Parquet Floor Sanding?

As we have already mentioned above, a DIY parquet floor sanding project can easily turn into a nightmare and even end up with an expensive repair service or even worse – make you purchase a new floor and get rid of this one. However, parquet flooring is not something cheap, therefore you don’t want to risk its durability and sturdiness with a DIY parquet floor sanding project and poor performance of the service. When it comes to parquet floor sanding, the best thing you can do is hiring a professional team of parquet floor sanding experts. This means you are leaving this responsible job in reliable and experienced hands. Parquet floor sanding professionals know what they do and have all the skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide you with the best results at the end of every parquet floor sanding project. In addition, such professionals go through an extensive and advanced parquet floor sanding training. It may be a challenging learning curve, however, at the end of the journey parquet floor sanding experts really become masters of this delicate job.

Parquet Floor Sanding Equipment

While the usual sanding project can go with a couple of sanding machines, parquet floor sanding requires a lot more varying equipment. It is safe to say that parquet floor sanding is the time when all those delicate and highly mobile sanding machines comes into action. For example, the edger and the orbital sander, thanks to their high mobility, have access to all corners and areas that are not easy to access with a heavy-duty machine. Therefore, they are also often used during a parquet floor sanding project. Additionally, some parquet floor sanding projects may require parts of the job done by hand.

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Did you know…

The first parquet pattern ever installed in the Versailles is the herringbone pattern. With herringbone pattern, the wooden floor blocks are laid a ninety degrees angle. Similarly to herringbone, the chevron pattern is a more contemporary variation of the pattern and the floor blocks are laid so they can create a “V” shape. Both patterns require a delicate parquet floor sanding job, because of the diagonal direction each board is laid in. Leave parquet floor sanding in the experienced hands of the professionals as this is the only way to make sure you can enjoy the beauty of the pattern in its full potential and for many decades.