Main Types of Wood Flooring Adhesive

Main Types of Wood Flooring Adhesive

Okay, let’s be honest, unless you are not extremely absorbed or obsessed with the theme of wood flooring and you have the passion to know everything about the topic, or unless you are not expert in the area. Talking about the main types of wood floor adhesives will be completely pointless. But, again, if you have a wood floor installation job in progress, it is good to know a little more about what is happening behind the closed doors of the room, where the new floor will be or where it is currently being installed.

Of course, not with the goal to become the king or queen of wooden installation and not with the goal to gloss with imposing knowledge in front of your friends and people you don’t know, but to understand the installation process and all the resource. If it is used better, it will most likely guarantee that you can correctly care of your newly installed wooden floor and keep it in good condition for longer, in addition to knowing what the necessary prevention and preservation is.

All right to help you have a better maintenance routine, today we are sharing with you a few words about the main types of wood flooring glue used by the specialists and their specifications as well. Will start in a short time, but before that, lets explain why adhesives are actually used. As you guess, wood floor adhesives are used for bonding the substance and the floor itself through a chemical reaction. Depending on the carrier or catalyst that triggers the reaction, there are the following types of adhesives.


Water-based glues do not comprise any solvents and, therefore, they are ecological and foolproof to install. However, if you are already wondering why there are other types of adhesives, let us tell you that water-based ones are not necessarily recommended and suitable for all types of installation. In short, its stability depends on the type of floor and the subsoil.


This is the second main type of adhesives and this type of adhesives can be used with a wide range of installations. These types of adhesives also contain solvents, but they are not dangerous, so do not worry.


These are also called the moisture-cure glues. We call these adhesives the most powerful because they are the best in installation security and the most steady. Urethane-based adhesives are also the most flexible option because they offer the widest range of request. The kind of the floor glue you or your fittings provider is considering should be chosen carefully and focus on what will ensure the highest stability and solidity of the floor. After weighing all the pros and cons, we are sure that you will find what guarantees you the most satisfaction and excellent results. Just be sure to choose the best quality you can afford and do not buy the cheapest option.