How to Showcase Your Wood Flooring

How to Showcase Your Wood Flooring

Wooden floors are a serious and quite large investment, yes, in fact. When we buy a new wooden floor, we want a good value for money, we want the best quality as an economical option. We want our new wooden floor to survive a world war and still looks wonderful after that. We want stability and solidness, we want long-lasting power and hard-wearing nature, we want to keep our new floor with ease and we want all the cosiness.

Okay, let’s say that we get what we want, we get everything. But what about the design? In many online flooring articles, you can read references about how the state and quality of the timber are important and how the style and design are not the main points and maybe the specialist is right by saying that, but for us as a people who wants the best and we guess the same applies for you, both quality and design are fairly important.

Wood flooring is a very serious investment and when we talking about design, we have to look something really simple and classic. Do you think that 5 years from now you will go to adore and be satisfied with that crazy-coloured-and-brushed hardwood flooring? What about if we say that if you can keep your floor perfectly, it can last you up to 100 years? With that being said, be clever and spend your money into a simple design and loveliness that you are going to adore at least half a century!

Clearly, you have to be informed of that point, even the most stunning floor can look poor if you do not select proper conception in your place. That is absolutely true, wooden floors can be the main thing of the room or excellent background and in both cases, they need to be suitable to the whole picture. However, interior styles are changing, but you cannot swap your floor all the time when you decide to change the sofa or to redecorate the room, right? Therefore, once again, choose simple and traditional beauty that matches everything over recent tendency!

There are few traditional interior design ideas we want to show you today and how you can pick them completely to your wooden floor so its advantages and natural beauty will be showcased completely:

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is plainness, elegant lines and simple look. Natural elements are the best option to add this style. Light tones are deeply preferred along with geometric patterns and uniformly-textured materials.

Country style

Country style is all about pleasure and endless beauty. The mainly moment for such an interior is renovated furniture, antique crockery, woven throws, floral motifs, noble materials like wood in rich brown shades and unique rustic grains.

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is really interesting, but still very relaxed. Subdued lighting, colourful carpets and halls, many florals, modern art, romantic atmosphere and splashes of colours play a main role here.