Underlayment vs Underpads For Your Flooring

Underlayment Vs Underpads For Your Flooring

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the new carpet or the wooden floor that you just bought or installed for a couple of years just does not meet your expectations. Even if you are satisfied with the floor you have been given installed, what are the guarantees that when times go by, your floor will not begin to change ... in a bad way? Indeed, you cannot think your floor to look and feel like freshly new all the time and definitely without taking into account the amount of daily use, high traffic and all other factors that affect the condition, visual and internal, of your wood floor or carpet.

Well, suppose you are not satisfied with your new or nearly new floor. You can start to notice a creaky noise that makes you crazy, some other defects and problems. Is it really flooring supplies the problem? Could it be that this conclusion is misled? And as the clever people say - half of knowledge is more dangerous than not having knowledge. Indeed, what you see as main problem could be the fact that your floor is not fully ready and finished.

How is this possible, we think you would like to ask us? Okay then, suppose that when you buy a new wooden floor a large part of its finished look and condition will play the accessories that you or the installation provider are adding to the entire project. Have you ever heard of underlayment or underpads? These are the extra supplies you are definitely will need. Although all of these extras are going to increase your budget, they are absolutely essential investment.


Underlay is what it is placed between your floor and the subfloor. The correct type that is installed correctly guarantees a durable floor and many more additional benefits, such as greater comfort, insulation, soundproofing and even better productivity to completely reduce heat loss. Another benefit is the fact that the underlay will work as a moisture barrier too, defending the wooden boards from dampness and avoiding problems. Underlays come in a variety of different materials, the most popular of them are cork, foam, felt, rubber, plywood, recycled wood.


The pads have the same purpose as underlays, but these are made especially for carpet flooring. For a durable carpet in better conditions, underpads are the best advantage – it makes the carpet feel fluffy, provides covering and soundproofing. They also can help for reducing the stains and odour by not allowing dirt and spills into the subfloor and prevent mildew, mould and bacteria. The underpads come in really impressive types including waffle or sponge rubber pads, foam rubber, flat rubber pads, felt pads, bonded urethane, bonded urethane that is combined with memory foam. With underlays or underpads, you can research and easily check all the options what you have and find the best for your needs and budget. Always be sure to ask for professional advice and recommendation first!