What Does Your flooring Say About You

What Does Your flooring Say About You

Everybody says that a pet dog is always sharing some physical and behavioural characteristics with its owners, but can the same be said about the floor? Well, to some extent, this is the right flow of thoughts, since our choice of floors is quite high, if not completely deceived by us, our way of life and what we find visibly pleasant and comfortable and functional at the same time. After all, we are making the choice and, as with everything we have to decide, we put a little of ourselves, our feelings and our experience in any decision we make and any choice we make.

Since a house is an extension of ourselves and our house is set up and organized in this way, we enjoy to the fullest and find the most convenient for our lifestyle, we hope that our houses fully reflect our characters. Indeed, a home is a living organism that is frequently growing and changing with our growth and personal change, not just a pile of bricks. Considering the extent to which our individual personality is soaked in the four walls between which we live, it is no wonder that each character and every corner of our house reflect us. This statement is clearly true for our choice of floors as well.

This may sound a bit weird or very funny to you, but in fact, our choice of floors is very much reflected in ourselves. These are the main types of personalities and lifestyles, determined by the floor of each ones choice.


Laminate flooring is a familiar choice for people with a busy timetable, people who travel a lot and do not like to spend most of the day in their home and even in houses full of people. The laminate is for active natures, big families with many children, friends who spend all the time and pet lovers since the laminate is a beautiful selection, but much cheaper than the real wooden floor, it is easy to maintain and although it does not last a lifetime, it is easy and cheap to replace.

Solid wood

You are a real fan and like the beautiful things of this life, the small (or large) extras and everything aesthetics and attractive to you. You also approve the elegant style and the classics, maybe even the old-style and old-school types of people. The solid wood floors reflect a part of his character that many people would feel envious: when you want something, you always find a way to have it and you are not scared to ask for it and stay behind your decision without any regrets. You probably enjoy spending your time mostly at home.

Engineered wood

This is his kind of practical and intelligent person since engineering wood takes the best of all flooring worlds and puts beauty and appearance, practicality, easy to maintain nature and lasting power in perfect harmony. You know how to make commitments to achieve the best in your view and place comfort at the top of the list of priorities for your home.


If there is the best floor option for the person looking for comfort, this is the carpet. Everything about the carpet screams cosiness and functionality. Indeed, a carpet would not require a prolonged compromise and you can easily change it with something else once you are exhausted of appearance and the atmosphere of it.