Exterior Wood Flooring – What is Trendy? – Part 2

Exterior Wood Flooring – What is Trendy? – Part 2

Although the exterior wooden floor also known as a terrace is not a baby of recent years and already exists for decades, people now begin to understand and see its benefits and benefits. With a lot of research of the market, we find it useful to share with you the basic things that you should consider before buying a terrace for your beautiful garden or patio, as well as the main trends for the wooden deck that is here to stay at least a few more decades. So, lets make a smart investment and a choice with which you are completely satisfied! Lets see what wood species and appearance are highly recommended by specialists this year!

Teak Wood Species

In detail, teak is a hardwood that is most usually associated with the exterior wooden floor, because it is the kind of wood most recommended by specialists when people look for the best options for the terrace. Most classic roof constructions are made of teak material. Anyway, it is very important to mention that teak is not the only good option available in the market and that it really has a good option with a wide variety of alternatives. So, if you are not looking for exactly the classic look, do not worry, there is something for you out there! Even so, if you are a fan of the teak terrace, then the durable and resistant power is guaranteed!

Ipe Wood Species

Ipe is a comparatively new one on the block, or rather in the garden! It usually comes from countries in South America such as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru and has a beautiful olive track. Ipe is obviously highly resistant to infestation and fungi. It is important to notice that the colour of Ipe will darken over time and due to direct sunlight, but this is not a real problem for you, so Ipe is the best option because it is very resistant and resistant and adapts perfectly even to El most challenging of outdoor environments.

Iroko Wood Species

Iroko wood type comes directly from Africa. It has a very uneven grain and a thick texture that adds a unique and one-of-a-kind look to any floor made of Iroko wood. As you get older, it becomes more good-looking and is one of those wood species full of charm and character of its own and unique. The iroko wood species is resistant to moisture and will not be easily damaged, so it will continue to look great as the years go by.

Balau Wood Species

Balau is among the most recommended wood species in the market due to its very stable, solid and resistant nature. The silver-tone that Balau adopts when time passes is another characteristic that makes this wood type extremely favoured. Balau is also very resistant to fungi, decay and insect attack. Choosing this kind of wood guarantees that you will enjoy it for many decades and will not worry about your maintenance and repair work.