Finishing Trends – French Bleed Hardwood

Finishing Trends – French Bleed Hardwood

It is increasingly difficult to get a unique look and appearance to your wood floors and we feel that everything that can be invented has been invented already. But we are wrong, as each new year experts Flooring and engineers come up with new ideas and styles that we like very much, modern and unique and a lot of personality and individuality ensure added to your home or workplace. French Bleed is one of the latest trends that provides a unique, stylish and visually interesting effect and it is perfect for a range of interior designs, styles and themes interior.

French Bleed Hardwood Flooring Design

Indeed, French Bleed has much more to do with the finish than with the wood itself. In general, the French Bleed finish has a dark stain on the edge of each board that is created by blackening the bevelled edge of each board, hence the name of "bleeding.

You can also recognise the characteristics of this decorative floor style:

• An ancient expression that does seem unnatural, but is very real, unique and adds a lot of character to the floor and the entire space. Although the appearance is reminding of antiquity and classical, the French bleeding design goes very well with several styles, from rustic to very modern.

• All of these sorts of wood floor design gives the appearance of depth and age and a touch of enthusiasm and interest, but it will not make the place look awesome and too attractive.

• The contrast of the dark border actually accentuates the width of the planks and makes the room look more spacious and airy, which is surprising for smaller rooms.

• The decorative style of French bleeding is suitable for both light and dark coloured wood and looks lovely on both.

• Due to the fact that the floors are not hand-scraped, this floor has much more flexibility inside the home, regardless of the general style of the place.

• The French bleeding finish can be used for various wood species, including cherry, walnut, oak, walnut, maple, chestnut and more. It is also an option for laminated wood and laminate floors.

The finish used to achieve the French bleed design is adaptable, but it works best with flat-grain hardwood floors, although it also looks outstanding with the rustic grain. You can keep this look in perfect condition with enamel and wax from time to time. It is also necessary to sweep and vacuum regularly to maintain a good appearance and a durable and resistant condition. Be sure to avoid strong cleaners, as they can occur in the condition of the wood floor and finish as well.