Hardwood Flooring that Matches Rustic Style Décor

Hardwood Flooring that Matches Rustic Style Décor

Although there is not only one wooden floor that can be called unpleasant or boring, we all have a different taste and style, which determines our choice, when buying a new wooden floor. Matching our floor with the existing or planned interior design style is very important so that we can end up with an appearance and an atmosphere not overwhelming, but attractive, balanced and beautiful. While some of us can be fans of the minimalist and clean aspect, others enjoy a rustic style with a lot of character, it is important to remember that current trends are not something that can or should always follow, especially when it comes to such a serious investment. The only thing you should pay attention to is how the style, design and final look will feel. Because of that, today we want to share with you some options of hardwood floors that are expected and show that they combine very well with a rustic-style decoration and that they create a good balance in the final appearance and atmosphere.

Rustic style décor is very usual and simple, yet it owns a lot of character and personality and the hardwood floor you are choosing has to balance these features and to balance them out. Of course, wood, in overall, is the best option for a rustic style, there is almost no other option we can imagine to fit well in the entire atmosphere. The right hardwood floor will shine upon the room and add the sturdy feeling that is our main objective in this case.

What really describes a rustic style decoration? It is a mixture of natural materials, comfort, warmth and wood of medium tones, colours and earthy tones, organic textures, soft shapes and the general feeling of a cosy and comfortable rural house. Natural materials are the basis of the rustic appearance and what better than wood? Traditional designs in deep colours fit perfectly in this concept, as well as the distressed appearance.

The hardwood options that will adapt perfectly to the whole rustic concept are:

• Firstly, if you really want to make an extra effort, the recovered wood materials are the perfect touch. These are "second hand" flooring materials that can be reinstalled, if they are in good condition, or used to create furniture and other decorations and items. Due to the fact that these materials have a previous owner, they already have their own character and their own history.

• As for the wood species, oak, walnut and beech are an incredible combination with the rustic style. They adapt to the robust and resistant feeling and combine very well in the colour palette that is our goal, because its natural warmth, deep colour and comfort are perfect for this alley.

• When it comes to finishing, the distressed or hand-scraped finish is right in place. The distressed and aged appearance has a unique charm that benefits all the rustic feel.

• Pine is another good option that can be dyed in medium or dark shade to match the rustic look.

• Known for its rich and exclusive colour and grain, Brazilian cherry is another decent option. A great advantage is a fact that this wood species is very durable and resistant.