Guide to Wood Flooring Surfaces - Part 2

Guide to Wood Flooring Surfaces - Part 2

In the previous article, we already discussed the benefits of two very popular and highly chosen effects for wood floors that can make your wood floor more unique and attractive. Today we continue with some more options that you can use as thoughts and inspiration for a noble wood surface that looks beautiful that will complement your space and make you feel so good every time you see it. Then, without further ado, lets start!


Distressed wood floors are the son of current trends and techniques to add a certain effect to the natural appearance of hardwoods. You know how modern the distressing effect is once you see it at the local mall, where worn jeans and leather pieces hang anywhere. The same can be said of distressed floors: it is very fashionable right now and we are completely sure that this trend will not happen soon. Do you want to look like a truly old and unique apartment, without having a truly old apartment? Then the distressed effect is in your alley. The effect is achieved by hand or by machine, but both ways, there is a way to achieve it: flipping the boards with heavy objects (yes, we know this sounds strange and fun). Once again, the worn surface is a solution that works well enough with a modern design and with a more typical design.


Are you prepare for a bolder option? So staining your floor can be your cup of tea. With the current choice in the market of almost any colour under the sun, you can achieve a truly personalized and unique look. You can make your wildest ideas come true with this option, however, be sure not to get tired of the colour in the short term because with some colours it is much harder to undo them than to apply them. Before choosing a certain colour, better try it in a small, hidden area, to be sure that you are satisfied with the final colour.


Smoked hardwood is also known as smoke floors and is a treatment that alters the natural colour of wood species. The way to do this is to take the boards in an atmosphere full of ammonia when the smoking process causes the tannins to surface and the wood darkens. The final effect is the expected dark brown, almost black. Due to their new colouration and the surprising effect, smoked floors are excellent for modern interior design and places designed in monochrome.


Painted wood floors are those that have one or two layers of paint applied on the surface. The biggest advantage of painting a hardwood surface is not only the beautiful final effect but also the fact that this process is really quick and easy. However, once again, as with the stains, adhere to the colours that you are sure will work for you, because removing the paint, in case you change your mind, can be a real pain.