How to Finish Your Solid Wood Flooring

How to Finish Your Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood floors are beautiful enough, however, they definitely need a finish. A wood flooring finish is significant not only for the looks of the wood, as it provides a glossy or matt effect, a little colour or a clean appearance, but the main issue of the finish is to add protection and keeping the colour, texture, grain. The job of a wood finish is to create a protective layer on the surface and penetrate the porous structure of the wood so that it can make the entire wood construction strong and resistant from the inside as well. The properly selected finish will offer many advantages for your wooden floor and also for you. It will make your cleaning and maintenance routine much easier and shorter, prolong the life of your floor and also add a visual improvement. How to choose the right finish for you?

Simply put, there are some general types of wood floor finishes, depending on the base of the agents included in the product ingredient list and they all work individually, it is highly recommended for some sorts of wood floors and species and It is not the best option for others. Depending on their lifestyle and necessity, finishes are also determined by their durable role. Lets have a look at the several finishes and hope to help you make a better decision.


In case you are a fan of the rustic and almost rough appearance of wood, lacquered floors finished in your lane because they will show some colour variations and knots as well. If you consider this visual appearance to be a huge problem, we recommend buying a laminate instead of this option. Solid lacquered wood is really easy to keep and clean. Wood and finish are also extremely strong and durable, naturally less prone to scratches, scratches and stains. This is also a perfect option for high traffic areas and heavy footprints due to the strength of the finish.

Brushed and lacquered

With brushed and lacquered solid wood, you get the best of both worlds: a lacquer will give you with super-resistant protection and will not show scratches at all, while the brushed effect will hide the wear completely, absorbing natural light and making scratches almost invisible to the eye. A brushed and lacquered solid wood floor has a lot of character and natural beauty highlighted, having more natural features like knots, rings and grain lines. You can also get varying degrees of brightness and find what you like best. That way finished, solid wood flooring gets really easy to maintain and clean.

Brushed and oiled

With brushed and oiled solid wood timber you cannot get any more natural look and feel than this! Improving the natural beauty of wood class and highlighting their character, brushed and oil-finished floors are a piece of statement and the main point for any room. The oil finish generally has an added UV filter, so it will also protect the wood from sun damage and discolouration. A brushed floor will also hide those scratches and cuts much better, looking like new for many years.