How to Match Hardwood Flooring to Stairs

How to Match Hardwood Flooring to Stairs

The wooden floor itself is a real feature in the interior design of each space. Beautiful and elegant, classic, interesting and with a lot of character, we are sure that we all love hardwood and we are very excited to buy a new wooden floor. However, each new purchase leads us to the fact that no matter how happy you are with what you will get and no matter the fact that your new apartment perfectly meets your personal requirements and tastes. It is some things you should keep in mind, for example, how you will match your new purchase with the rest of your home or work area. We are talking about floor changeover, we are talking about matching your wooden floor with a current wooden stairway, and we are talking about the perfect combination. We are going to discuss a very important point of the next installation process that is essential to consider even before this initial process, today we are talking about how to join your wooden floor with the wooden stairs.

Here we show you how to combine your wooden floor and your staircase in a continuous piece of amazement:

• Consider that your wooden floor and staircase are treated as stained and finished by the same person, so you can be sure that you will end up looking super uniform, elegant and even. You know that most professionals have their own work method and sense of beauty, regardless of whether everyone takes their needs and wishes into account. Therefore, different professional contractors will probably give you a slightly different look, since working with one person on both projects is the best idea.

• When your floor is prefinished and your stairs are also prefinished, request samples in advance to get as close as possible.

• When it comes to the native interest of the wood class, do not lean on the fact that wood species of the same type will have exactly the same colour and appearance. It is difficult to achieve a uniform appearance only for your floor and it is even more difficult to do so for both the floor and the stairs. Hickory, for example, is excellent, but it is offered in different colour variations in the market. The same applies to most wood species, so be sure to buy from a supplier, if possible.

• Suppose your floor is hand-scraped and you want the same look to match the stair steps, then be sure to hire a custom ladder manufacturer that has the skills to do this, otherwise you run the risk of difference in appearance.

• Its like winning the jackpot if the same person installs their floor and stairs too, but this hardly happens. When hiring different people for both projects, it is best that they can work together, so that they are established in a similar work style and treatment to achieve a uniform appearance and appearance.