Popular Wood Flooring in 2020

Popular Wood Flooring in 2020

Wood flooring has this old-style, typical and easy appearance that makes it a classic piece and one of the best investments in terms of stylish and endless beauty. No matter the colour, grain, design and sort, you cannot do a mistake with wood flooring, because wood stuff is the base of all interior style under the sun and it matches with everything! Of course, there are also recent trends in the wood flooring world that every year focus our attention on certain styles and colours, but this doesn’t mean that if herringbone pattern is not mentioned in the new trend report, it is not fashionable and beautiful.

Depending on your individual choice and the specific design of your home or office, there are certain wood flooring options which work better than another and it is not necessary that the choices are mentioned in the current trend report for the year, so do not let current trends make you love your existing wooden floorless. However, the certain trend in the woodwork world is made to guide current buyers and giving them an extra idea on what is suggested option by the designers in terms of the best solution for the popular styles, so let’s have a look at what the designers are advising and offering for 2020!

The end of each year is mostly the time when people begin to look around their home and searching for ways to do better visually and in condition. During the winter, wood flooring comes to the mind and many people are living the rocks they have lived for the rest of the year and start to looking for a new wood floor. Indeed, when the new wood styles are built-in to this time. So, this is probably the most popular wooden floor in 2020:

Solid Wood

Solid wood floors must stand firm against engineering wood. We know that the always-interesting race between solid wood and engineered wood can be a bit too devastating to follow. Since these too choices are constantly replacing each other on the tops of the trends list, however, if you are a super loyal fan of solid wood, we have good news for you, because it is back on the top of the fashion! Solid wood was the first flooring solution that went on the market centuries ago and to date has never gone out of style, so we believe you can draw your own conclusions!

UV oiled finishes

With the great return of solid wood, if we can call it that, we can see that the wind of change is blowing in the direction of a supernatural, almost "rough" and rustic appearance. So what better finishing option than the oil finish that is about improving and highlighting the natural beauty, texture and colour of wood? When the wood is oiled with UV you will also see the advantage of lifelong protection against the sun harmful rays!