Wood Floor Staining

Wood Floor Staining

Wood floor staining gives the wooden floor a new life. No matter how aged and well-used your real wood floor is, wood floor staining can definitely bring it back to its initial glory and beauty. However, you don’t have to wait for your floor to wear off. Even for newly installed floors, wood floor staining is an opportunity to create and enjoy a unique floor, unleash your creativity and imagination, add a lot of character to the space, highlight the natural beauty and elegance of real wood and boost it.

Wood floor staining is a great professional service for both those of you who want to play around with styles and colours and try new things for their floor, and also for the people who want to improve the appearance of their older, duller, and tired-looking floor. So whenever you are considering a wood floor staining project, here is what you need to know.

What Is Wood Floor Staining?

As the name suggests, wood floor staining is a professional service that involves the application of a couple of or a few layers of wood floor staining product or paint on the surface of real wood floors, including solid wood, engineered wood, parquet. The wood floor staining products are available in different types and offered by many different professional brands. The goal of wood floor staining is changing the natural colour of the wood and creating a colour of choice. Wood floor staining can achieve a natural colour and look for the wooden floor, or create an exciting new look through unnatural and unique colours and shades. In addition, wood floor staining can simply be used for intensifying the natural colours of wood, or simply changing the undertone but keeping the natural colour. Wood floor staining is a great way to restore and refresh older and worn wood floors but it is also performed for newly installed floors. It does not matter how old or new the floor is, wood floor staining can be performed for all sorts of real wood floors.

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Wood Floor Staining – When?

As we have already discussed, wood floor staining is available for all sorts of real wood floors, no matter if it comes to a new or an older one. In terms of the restoration process, wood floor staining is usually performed right after sanding and before covering the surface with a protective finish. It is important to have your floor sanded first. When it comes to older and well-used floors, the sanding process will remove all imperfections and dirt build-ups on the surface of the floor. If these are not removed and the surface is not even and smooth enough, the pigments of the wood floor staining product will further highlight the imperfections and make them more visible. Furthermore, sanding prepares the surface for wood floor staining by opening the pores of the wood so the wood floor staining product can soak well and penetrate deeper for a uniform and even coverage. After the wood floor staining product layers are dry, the floor is covered with a finishing product that protects bare wood and preserves the colour of the floor for a long period of time.

Wood Floor Staining and Wood Species

Now, wood floors are made out of a number of different wood species. Each of these wood species has its unique characteristics. First of all, wood species naturally come in different colours and undertones. If you are lucky enough, you will already have a floor made out of wood species such as mahogany, cherry, or walnut that naturally come in exciting and very spectacular colour palette. In this case, make sure to consider if you really want to change the natural colour and resort to wood floor staining. However, one of the main differences between different wood species that also affects the wood floor staining process is the natural structure of the wood species. You have probably heard the terms softwoods and hardwoods. Both groups of wood species determine the density of the lumber or wood material and its specific structure. Some wood species, such as pine, come with a naturally very dense structure, while other wood species are more porous. When it comes to wood floor staining, the denser the structure is, the harder it will be to achieve good coverage with wood floor staining. Wood floor staining of softwoods with a more porous structure is significantly easier and achieves more uniform and sleek results.

Different Types of Wood Floor Stains

Wood floor staining products come in a really impressive variety and not just of colours and undertones. In fact, the variety of wood floor staining products is enough to satisfy even the most creative persona and unique taste. What type of wood floor staining product will be chosen for your floor highly depends on the floor itself and also on the time, energy, money, and effort you are ready to invest into wood floor staining. Of course, the finished look you desire is one of the major factors determining your choice of wood floor staining products. In general, there are two main categories of wood floor staining products – oil-based wood floor staining and water-based wood floor staining products. Oil-based wood floor staining products are the most advanced version and what many people opt for. Oil-based wood floor staining products are better at sinking deeply into the wood’s structure and creating an even and smooth coverage on the surface. Such wood floor staining product is commonly used for dense wood species. However, water-based wood floor staining products are easy to use and apply, durable, and very hard-wearing.

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Did you know…

Many people who want a new floor but work with a limited budget opt for wood floor staining. Thanks to wood floor staining, you can opt for a more affordable wooden floor that is made out of common domestic wood species and comes with a pretty simple look. The application of a staining product in a more specific and intriguing colour will give this simple and affordable floor a new look and feel and make it appear more luxurious, expensive, and attractive. Wood floor staining itself is a pretty affordable service, so think of it as a great opportunity to enjoy an elegant and expensive-looking floor without the high-end price tag.