Guide to Wood Flooring Surfaces - Part 1

Guide to Wood Flooring Surfaces - Part 1

Wood floors are a popular choice for many homes and commercial facilities worldwide and it is easy to see why: they are hygienic, easy to maintain, beautiful and durable. A truly elegant option, hardwood floors are a fairly irresistible alternative, as they can be customized to look exactly as you wish and to meet your unique taste and respond to your interior design needs. You really can not go wrong with hardwoods, because the floors made with them are a really smart investment and a high-quality solution. But the most exciting part of buying wood flooring is the fact that it has the best option available and such an impressive variety of textures, grains, colours and patterns that come naturally or can be achieved later. When it comes to wooden floor surfaces, it really has a wide range of possibilities and today we are going to see them all so that your choice is more informed and less difficult.


The brushed type is a wooden floor that is brushed to open the grain. The brushing process really highlights and highlights the natural beauty of the unique texture of the wood. The brushed wood surface is often combined with oil finishes to further complement the natural look. The effect is achieved by using a wire brush that scratches the surface very gently and gently to exaggerate the grain. If you are a fan of the really natural look and finish, then the brushed wood floor is what you need. This type of surface can make any wooden floor the centrepiece of any room and space, a real statement for any interior design. On the other hand, the effect is very calm and simple and will not overwhelm the space. Simply put, this effect only improves the attractiveness of natural beauty and texture.


The hand-scraped wood floor is actually a very old treatment that follows the cutting of wood and the preparation of the boards. The biggest advantage of the process and the final effect comes from the fact that hand-scraped wood is one of the few possibilities of having a really unique-looking wood floor. In todays world, where machines perform really precise procedures to achieve a certain effect, what is done by hand can be very useful and valuable, because it is unique in its stylish. Hand-scraped wood offers a surface that makes the wood look aged and without that uniform, random and "handmade" look. Although this surface comes with a lot of old-world charm, it is also the perfect backdrop for modern and industrial designs, or it works really well when complementing rustic and minimalist interior designs. Achieving an eclectic mix of modern and ancient appearance is the best formula to create a functional and extremely beautiful place that is always in fashion!